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  For special requests, see the paragraph marked REQUESTS below!
  December 4, 2008: Thursday Morning(mp3)
Nita Joiner Funeral Service -- Terry Randolph
  July 22, 2009: Wednesday Evening (mp3)
Stay Away From The Edge
  July 19, 2009: Sunday Evening (mp3)
What are the odd's?
  July 19, 2009: Sunday Morning (mp3)
What If?
  July 19, 2009: Sunday School (mp3)
Survey of Ephesians 4:4-5 - One Hope and One Faith
  July 15, 2009: Wednesday Evening (mp3)
Origin & Interpretation of The Bible
  July 12, 2009: Sunday Evening (mp3)
  July 12, 2009: Sunday Morning (mp3)
Times Preceeding the Lord's Return
  July 12, 2009: Sunday School (mp3)
Survey of Ephesians 4:5 - One Baptism - Part II
  July 8, 2009: Wednesday Evening (mp3)
What Scriptures to Claim When...
  July 5, 2009: Sunday Evening (mp3)
The Truth of God
  July 5, 2009: Sunday Morning (mp3)
Freedom is the Truth of God
  July 5, 2009: Sunday School (mp3)
Survey of Ephesians 4:5 - One Baptism - Part I


The above descriptions describe the linked mp3 (digital audio file) that may be downloaded in order to listen to the message. To download a file: Right Click on the link and choose "Save Target As."


REQUESTS: If there is a particular service that you would like to request, please e-mail us at audiocloset@ntbctucson.org and we will be happy to post it on this page for you to download. It will be labeled as "Special Requests" with the date of the service. We can leave them posted for one week for you. When we have extended meetings, such as missions conference and evangelistic campaigns, we will not be able to offer this service due to storage limitations on our server.

An audio cd may be requested for any service. CDs may be purchased for $1 each, however they are free to members of our church who are unable to attend. This amount only covers reproduction costs. We do not profit from this outreach ministry.

Copies of some church messages are available on audio CDs and video DVDs in our church library. These recordings of our church services are a new addition to our church library. Please ask for what you want, since most CDs and DVDs are not on display.